Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Thirteenth Day of July

At Bamberg, the birthday of St. Henry I, Emperor of the Romans and Confessor.  He led a life of perpetual virginity with his wife St. Cunegund, and brought St. Stephen, King of Hungary, and almost all his people, to embrace the faith of Christ. His festival is, however, observed on July 15.
In Palestine, SS. Joel and Esdras, prophets.
In Macedonia, blessed Silas, who was one of the first brethren, and was sent by the Apostles to the Churches of the Gentiles together with Paul and Barnabas. Full of the grace of God, he zealously carried out the office of preaching, and glorifying Christ in his sufferings, afterwards rested in peace.
Likewise, St. Serapion, Martyr, who under Severus the emperor and Aquila the governor, passed through fire to the crown of martyrdom.
In the island of Chios, St. Myrops, Martyr, who was beaten with whips under the Emperor Decius and the governor Numerian, and passed to the Lord.
In Africa, the holy Confessor Eugene, Bishop of Carthage, glorious for faith and virtues, and all the clergy of that Church, who to the number of 500 or more (among whom were several children who fulfilled the office of readers), weakened by attacks and famine in the Vandal persecution under the Arian King Hunneric, and, rejoicing in the Lord, were sent far away into cruel exile. The most celebrated among them were an archdeacon named Salutarius, and Muritta, second officer of this Church, who thrice confessed Christ and were gloriously resplendent in Christ because of their perseverance.
In Brittany, St. Turian, Bishop and Confessor, a man of wondrous simplicity and innocence.

-- from the Roman Martyrology

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