Saturday, July 31, 2010

Captive to Distractions

The Gospel taken from the day, describes the situation of of Herod's condemnation of St. John the Baptist. What is peculiar about the passage is that it describes Herod to be a man worried about considering to send the Baptist to death.  There is a feeling given in the Gospels that the words of John the Baptist, at some level, resonated with the tetrarch.  It was his own pride, his own ambition, his own carnal desires that eventually lead him to commit murder.

How is this true in our own lives? Are there moments when we hear the voice of God, it resonates within our hearts, finds that pulse of our souls and yet we neglect to listen, heed, and consider it?  If we repeatedly fall into this neglect, then we can easily slip into the next stage of denying and rejecting Christ.  The Christian captive -- no matter the captivity -- is in danger of this very thing.

Our world has so many distractions which are attractive and appealing the the senses.  They carry promises of a better life, better looks, better friends, great fortunes, yet oftentimes these distractions hold us back and keep us down.  Once we begin to take advantage of these things, our lives are more difficult without them. Common example -- though, not intended to be an example of anything sinful -- would be the cell phone.  Nowadays, it is a necessary tool.  But have we taken time to reflect upon our prudent use of the cell phone? Do we get together with friends, sit around a table, talk, and then amidst the conversation, we are checking our phones -- even while our friends are speaking? Something so subtle, speaks and sheds light to a profound disability that is plaguing human society.....

Herod was distracted by the provocative dance of Salome.  Our distractions do not have to be as provocative or enticing, but they can do just as much damage, interiorly, emotionally, and relationally, as John the Baptist's Death.

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