Monday, June 28, 2010

Ecumenical mutterings.

With the expected replacement of Cardinal Kasper as head of the Dicastery in charge of 'dialogue', there is much talk over at our friends of a "MINOR" persuasion on the state of ecumenical affairs.  Pat Archbold posted a article for the National Catholic Register.  In his makes the point, advancing the notion that Kaspar has done remarkable service to the Church and the cause of Inter-Religious Dialogue and Ecumenical Affairs.  Nevertheless, perhaps, a change in this department is a much needed one.  One could argue, as Archbold certainly does, that 'dialogue' has become an end, in itself.  Too often among ecumenists, this is where things stop.  We talk and talk and talk and....well.... we keep talking; we lost sight of the END -- namely, union and communion with Christ AND His Church -- which, my friends, is the Catholic Church.

Many of our younger friars come from non-Catholic backgrounds -- this writer being only one of them.  We understand and appreciate the value and the need of dialogue and Christian charity and pastoral prudence when approaching disputed questions between the Church and other ecclesiastical communities.  Respect is certainly deserved and to be given to the legitimate traditions and customs of these groups.  However, it has to be recognized, that for the sake ecumenism, efforts by some have been made -- albeit with very good intentions -- that have led to a deep dilution of and near-rejection of the Catholic identity, which marked the globe prior to the Second Vatican Council.

God Bless the work of Cardinal Kaspar -- as with anything, sometimes new eyes, new talents can bring a greater and renewed vigor and enthusiasm to the playing field.

Ut unum sint....

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