Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Months

Well, we are officially in the summer season.  The Mercedarian students have been dispersed to the various houses of the Vicariate in the United States.  They will be helping the local communities in their apostolic tasks and experiencing the particular flavors of the different houses.  In the religious life, there is a common expression of communal living among ALL friaries/monasteries of the Order.  Nevertheless, the particular apostolic and local situation of each house, gives a unique dynamism to each local community.  Our students are able to have a better feel and experience of the different communities, grow in greater fraternity with the other friars, and learn much from the older brothers, who have many, many stories to tell of times past.

Please pray for the Solemnly Professed friars of the Vicariate, who will father in western NY for a week of 'ongoing formation' and meetings.

God Bless!

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