Friday, June 25, 2010

Captivity of Identity

In the world today, we, as Catholics, are being threatened to renounce our identities as believers of Christ.  It would appear that the demon of secularism desires us to become irreligious and pagan.  The recent events taking place in Spain and that have started or already happened in other parts of Catholic Europe, only serve as a vivid reminder to us of the danger of quiet apathy.

We cannot begin or continue to believe that we are immune from such insurgences into our own nation.  While we are without the history of explicit Christian symbols in our schools, we are not without Judeo-Christian expressions and manifestations in our larger culture.  But even these are fast becoming obsolete, eliminated from the public square and/or relegated to being acts or opinions of a so-called 'religious fanatics'.  The gift of Faith makes us a part of the Kingdom of God -- that Kingdom is like any other Kingdom.... it MUST BE DEFENDED ....

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