Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day of Penance

This was from March for Life, 2009.  The Parish and School of Our Lady of Lourdes and the Mercedarian Friar,  from Philadelphia.

Today, we remember the infamous decision which ushered a complete wave that transformed the moral compass of our nation. It was, indeed, stamping out of the definitive call of His Holiness, Paul VI, to love, defend, support and promote life.  On this day, the Supreme Court handed down its decision giving women a constitutional right to abort the lives of their children in the womb.  Thousands upon tens-of thousands gather in Washington, D.C., today to give witness to the ultimate and most precious gift of God -- namely, LIFE.  They gather to pray, sing praise to God, seek His mercy and forgiveness, and provide a glimmer of hope to the numerous young men and women who are simply held captive to the thought that there is NO OTHER SOLUTION.

The Friars at the Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy have made it a special point to pray a novena in Reparation for the Decision of Roe vs. Wade, and to beg for God's Mercy upon OUR souls for those times when were a little more silent about the tragedy of abortion and the other insults to human life and dignity.  The Friars will travel to D.C., Monday morning, to March and be in solidarity with the movement to protect, promote, and proclaim human life and dignity.

If you cannot be at the March, on January 24, offer a moment of prayer to be solidarity with the pro-lifers everywhere; offer a prayer to petition and reparation and thanksgiving.

This is 'Sonny'. He's the godson of one of the Friars and HE is pro-life, too!!

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