Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day in DC

Yesterday, the 38th March for Life, the Friars from Philadelphia went on pilgrimage to give witness and participate w/ 100s of thousands of other prolifers in the prayer and petition to overturn Roe vs. Wade.  Our morning began with the praying of the Divine Office and Holy Mass; the superior of the Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy got some donuts for the brothers (we are in need of nourishment for the long journey... haha). Once we had our sugary fix, we quickly got last minute things together to head on the road, south, to DC.

Here we see Fr. Matthew and Bro. Gerard anxiously preparing for the roadtrip, haha.

Once we got on the road, the brothers chatted, prayed, read, slept, listened to a little music, trying to soak every little bit of warmth that could be stored in anticipation of the FREEZING temps in the nation's Capital(ol?).

we arrived and the sign is together... there is Bro. Daniel, pumped and READY to march FOR LIFE!!!

Fr. Matthew w/ a look of sheer pride.... 

Postulant Josiah's feet were numb, but that wouldn't stop him from smiling and loving BABIES!!

Our Bro. James, manning the sign w/ a smile... he's freezing cold, but he loves BABIES more than worrying about the cold!!

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