Sunday, October 3, 2010

Speak!!! MOVE!!!

Today's Gospel has that age-old story wherein Christ speaks to the disciples and gives them that curious admonition.  "If you had the Faith the size of a mustard seed, you could move mountains".  What is key about this is not necessarily the idea of the mustard seed. Rather, it is the reality that Christ invokes the necessity of speaking, saying, proclaiming, and commanding.  Speak to the mountain, say to the mountain, proclaim and command the mountain.  The faith is not an intellectual exercise meant to be kept between the individual and God.  No, it is meant to be proclaimed and proclaimed without fear, with boldness and confidence of spirit and soul.

OFten, the Church has been criticized in her bold moves to proclaim the Gospel, even in unpopular moments and situations.  She has been accosted by the media on account of her positions on human life, the natural law, and Church disciplines..... But what happens, over time? The mountains that have been built in the hearts of men are crushed and laid low.  We may not see this leveling in our lives, but in God's good time, HE will triumph.  We already know the end -- we but need to have the Faith to trust in the end....


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