Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Cardinals

We commend to God's Providence and Holy Will the strengthening and encouragement of the new Princes of the Church.  May they continue in their road of service and communion with the Holy Father and with Christ, Himself, to the point of "shedding blood" if necessary.

In a special way, we remember Cardinal-elect Raymond Burke, who, some have said, has a great devotion to St. Raymond Nonnatus.


Likewise, with the elevation of Archbishop Ranjith, to the rank of Cardinal, a true signal has continued to sound. Namely, that the Sacred Liturgy is a keen part of renewal in the mind of the Holy Father.  Numerous bloggers have written on the "Benedictine" mold that some prelates exhibit... Ranjith is one of those 'molds' -- and, indeed, Burke.


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