Saturday, November 6, 2010

Feast of All Saints of the Order of Mercy

Happy Feast Day to all!!!

The question that arises... haven't we already celebrated the Solemnity of All Saints?  Yes!!  But, today, in the Order of Mercy, the friars commemorate the Feast of All Saints of the Order.  This was/is a common practice among various Orders, in that during the Month of November, usually during the former octave of All Saints, that a Feast be celebrated remembering the saints of the particular community.  Thus, the Augustinians have a day set aside to celebrate the Saints of their community.  Furthermore, this year, on November 8, the Order will remember the Souls of the Order.....

Like, the general Solemnity, this Feast allows for us to reflect upon the gift and grace of holiness, exemplified in the lives of the Friars and Nuns of the Order... those lives not too well known to us, but certainly alive in the mind of God.  In their great gift of prayer and sacrifice, the Faith of the Church and the souls of Her Children, were strengthened and renewed in the practice of the Faith.  The Order is proud to profess and acclaim the many martyrs, who, though not officially recognized by the Church, still in the course of time have given a clear witness to the love and Passion of Christ.  The Order is proud to acclaim the many friars and nuns, who spent their lives in prayer and daily living of the Rule and Constitutions and gave a silent testimony to holiness in this world.

Let us pray for a greater awareness of our Mercedarian Saints and for the grace to be like these men and women, to gave of themselves completely for Christ, through Our Lady's hands.

St. Peter Nolasco, pray for us. St. Peter Paschasius, pray for us. St. Raymond Nonnatus, pray for us. St. Serapion Scott, pray for us. St. Peter Armengol, pray for us. St. Mary Cervellon, pray for us. Blessed Mary Ann of Jesus, pray for us. Blessed Marguerita Maturanna, pray for us. Blessed Juan Nepumoceno Zegri, pray for us.  All Mercedarian Saints and Martyrs, pray for us.

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Caedmon said...

Indeed...the more the merrier when it comes to the Saints in that great Cloud of Witnesses!