Monday, August 9, 2010

The FEST 2010

Two of our Brothers -- Br. Daniel and Br. David -- attended the 10th annual FEST in the Diocese of Cleveland.  It was a remarkable experience that was truly a work of the Spirit.  Thousands and thousands of families and young adults gathered from all across the Diocese and the State to enjoy fellowship and communion with another.  The event had a number of religious communities from Philadelphia, Cleveland, Youngstown, Toledo, Chicago, and from other parts of the country.  Our brothers were able to meet many new fellow religious, begin new friendships and build connections with others.  

Our own Bro. Daniel, a native of the Cleveland Diocese and veteran attendee at the FEST, spent much of the preceding days giving a helping hand in setting up.  He is also giving a hand in tearing down.  Bro. David was supremely excited to learn that his favorite, Contemporary CATHOLIC musician -- Matt Maher -- was going to be singing.  News reports have said, that he was 'screaming', jumping up-and-down, waving his hands with all of the people crowded at the stage to listen and praise God with Matt.....

The evening closed with a huge Mass celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop, Roger Gries, O.S.B.  With a Mass attendance of 16000 people, and a 1/3 of the presbyterate in attendance, it was a definite manifestation of the vibrancy of the youth and families in the local Church of Cleveland..... Mass was at 8pm and lasted for over 2 hours.  Finally, the grace-filled day ended with beautiful fireworks, clapping, singing, laughing, and friendship.....

GOD BLESS the workers, organizers, volunteers, musicians, sponsors, prayer-warriors, and attendees at the FEST!!!!

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