Saturday, April 17, 2010

Feast of Beata Marianna de Jesus

Today, the Order of Mercy celebrates the Feast of one the Order's mystics -- Blessed MaryAnn of Jesus -- the Lily of Madrid.  A woman of great penance and love of the Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist, Blessed Mary Ann is a model to us all of how we should love and adore our Divine Saviour.  In her Autobiography, there is the story of Blessed Mary Ann declaring her unworthiness in receiving Our Lord and Our Lord responding to her doubts.....  It is within My children that I wish to dwell, because vessels of gold and precious stones are incapable of receiving and giving love....

These words should give us courage and consolation and humility to realize that Our Lord -- despite our sinfulness and weakness --  still reaches out to us, desiring to be in relationship with each and everyone of us in this world.... Let us not waste the moment. Blessed Mary Ann was beatified by Pope Pius  VI; her body lies incorrupt in Madrid, to this day.

On a sidenote -- the Friars in Philadelphia will begin the Annual 40 Hours Devotions tomorrow -- April 18th.  The opening celebration will be a Solemn High Mass, at 1130am.  All locals and even those who are some reasonable distance away, please come and join us as we begin to give a clear and focused witness of our Love for the Holy Eucharist.

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Caedmon said...

She is one of our few 'official' holy ones!