Friday, December 4, 2009

Tiber and the Moskva?

Our friend over at this blog has announced breaking news in the diplomatic front. The Holy See and Russia are on possibly on the verge of entering into full diplomatic relations. What a great thing!!! Since the ascent of the Russian Patriarch to the See of Moscow, it has been more than a notable occurrence of improved and friendly relations between the Holy Father and the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Perhaps, some may have considered the Cold War over between the West and the Soviet Union, yet that war -- though on another level -- was still being waged well into the 21st century. Now, by God's grace, politically and spiritually Russia and Rome are speaking. Let us pray for the Unity of the Church, but not, as von Hildebrand warns us, at the expense of the Truths. Let us not fall into irenicism (i.e. false ecumenism), but remain steadfast in Faith, Truth, and, above all, Charity.

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Anonymous said...

It's not theory or rumor ... it happened!! :)

"This afternoon, 3 Dec 2009, His Holiness Benedict XVI received in audience Dimitri Medvedev, president of the Russian Federation. During the cordial discussions pleasure was expressed on both sides at the cordial relations that currently exist between them, and it was agreed to establish full diplomatic relations between the Holy See and the Russian Federation.